Motion/Path Planning and Behavioral Planning

Books, Dissertation and Lecture Notes


Ph.D./Master Dissertation

  • Parallel algorithms for real-time motion planning

Lecture Notes

Papers you should read


  • A Review of Motion Planning Techniques for Automated Vehicles
  • Path smoothing techniques in robot navigation: State-of-the-art, current and future challenges
  • A survey on motion prediction and risk assessment for intelligent vehicles
  • A survey of motion planning and control techniques for self-driving urban vehicles
  • Real-time motion planning methods for autonomous on-road driving: State-of-the-art and future research directions
  • Simulated annealing: a tool for operational research
  • Sampling-based robot motion planning: A review

Regular papers

  • Simulated Annealing-optimized Trajectory Planning within Non-Collision Nominal Intervals for Highway Autonomous Driving
  • Flatness and motion planning: the car with n trailers
  • Efficient Trajectory Planning for High-SpeedFlight in Unknown Environments
  • Constrained iterative LQR for on-road autonomous driving motion planning
  • EIRIS-An Extended Proposition using Modified Occupancy Grid Map and Proper Seeding
  • FIRM: Sampling-based feedback motion-planning under motion uncertainty and imperfect measurements
  • Fast Stochastic Functional Path Planning in Occupancy Maps
  • Nonholonomic multibody mobile robots: Controllability and motion planning in the presence of obstacles
  • Optimal control of mixed logical dynamical systems with linear temporal logic specifications
  • A computationally efficient motion primitive for quadrocopter trajectory generation
  • Dynamic Channel: A Planning Framework for Crowd Navigation
  • Motion planning for autonomous driving with a conformal spatiotemporal lattice
  • On the motion planning problem, complexity, entropy, and nonholonomic interpolation
  • Planning dynamically feasible trajectories for quadrotors using safe flight corridors in 3-d complex environments
  • Reconfigurable Motion Planning and Control in Obstacle Cluttered Environments under Timed Temporal Tasks
  • The dynamic window approach to collision avoidance
  • Optimal trajectories for time-critical street scenarios using discretized terminal manifolds
  • The combinatorial aspect of motion planning: Maneuver variants in structured environments
  • Maneuver-based trajectory planning for highly autonomous vehicles on real roads with traffic and driver interaction
  • A real-time motion planner with trajectory optimization for autonomous vehicles
  • Trajectory Design and Control of a Wheel-type Mobile Robot Using B-spline Curve
  • Optimal Rough Terrain Trajectory Generation for Wheeled Mobile Robots

Multi-Robot Path Planning

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