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加拿大的income tax system 需要report的四大类income(具体所有income可以见链接) 就业收入Employment and self-employment income 退休金Pension and savings plans income 投资收入Investment income(利息、分红灯) 福利收入Benefit income(育儿金之类的) 如何计算需要纳的税 更新个人信息Provide and update your personal information 婚恋状态 住址 银行账号 是否有孩子 从四大类收入来源计算Total Income 从Line 101到Line 150 Line 150是total income before deduction 计算Net Income(净收入Line 236)=Total Income减Tax Deduction(翻译叫做免税额,你需要claim any deductions you are entitled to,包括personal deductions and tax-deductible expenses。从line 206到line 236)…

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Geometric spatial path planning

Implicit form [latexpage]An implicit planar curve is defined as the zero of a bivariate function $f(x, y) = 0$. An algebraic curve is simply the case where the function $f(x, y)$ is a polynomial in $x$ and $y$ with scaling coefficients $a_{ij}$, that is $f(x, y) = \sum a_{ij}x^iy^j$. Two simple, but important, properties of…

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Express Entry移民加拿大

Express Entry简介 EE处理时间短,一般是六个月及以下 EE下的移民programs the Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSW) the Federal Skilled Trades Program(FSD) the Canadian Experience Class(CEC) 各个省份也可从EE中为该省的Provincial Nominee Programs(PNP) 招揽candidates Can I count student work experience toward the Express Entry work requirement? It depends on where you were working and studying. To be eligible for Express Entry, you must meet the minimum requirements for 1 or more…

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