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成语 祸不单行:When it rains, it pours. 冰山一角: tip of the iceberg 风雨无阻: rain or shine. 例如:My family likes to go hiking rain or shine. 经验之谈:rule of thumb 两小无猜/青梅竹马:Two peas in a pod 心不在焉或者(上课在坐飞机): zoning out/distracted 俗语 暴风雨前的宁静: the calm before the storm. 慢慢来: to ease into it 什么东西好用/很有帮助:sth serves me well 谨慎考虑/再考虑一下:think twice 虚假的安全感/自己骗自己:a false…

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常用的phrasal verb或者固定搭配

phrasal verb的列表: 我的总结 If there is no rhyme or reason to sth or it happens without rhyme or reason(莫名其妙、毫无道理, it happens in a way that cannot be easily explained or understood Don’t knock yourself out (把自己累垮) trying to get the job finished. Why don’t you knock yourself out(把这里当作自己的家一样、请自便) and help yourself to finger food? Yeah, we went out last night. She was a real looker (美女)but I don’t think she was…

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