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Paper(1)Perception and Motion Planning for Pick-and-Place of Dynamic Object

Cowley, A., Cohen, B., Marshall, W., Taylor, C. J., & Likhachev, M. (2013, November). Perception and motion planning for pick-and-place of dynamic objects. In 2013 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (pp. 816-823). IEEE. PR2 被广泛应用于tabletop manipulation research。本文的系统设计是基于装有RGB-D sensor和自身姿态sensor的PR2。 The perception system The overall procedure is that table geometry is extracted to perform an initial…

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本文参考 知乎回答: 如何写CMakeList.txt C++工程的setup Learn CMake’s Scripting Language in 15 Minutes 入门 CMake的目的:It’s all about targets Define a target: defines targets using the add_executable, add_library or add_custom_target commands. Define the target’s properties: Once a target is created, it has properties that you can manipulate using the get_property and set_property commands.  All target properties are strings. In CMake, every variable is a string.  Other target properties include LINK_LIBRARIES, INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES and COMPILE_DEFINITIONS. Those…

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CMakeList.txt: 六个例子

我们已经在C++工程的setup提到过,CMake是build system的生成器,它用于生成makefile,然后make就可以使用生成的make file对c++工程进行编译和链接成可执行文件。The make utility and Makefiles provide a build system that can be used to manage the compilation and re-compilation of programs that are written in any programming language. I use Makefiles quite often in my projects to automate the build process; however, there are times when Makefiles become overly complex for the task. Building complex projects is…

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