Hathaway Zhu


  • a robotics software engineer, and also
  • a researcher of artificial intelligence for mobile robots.

I'm a life-long learner. Being good at math makes me perform well in learning new things. I used to win the second prize in our provincial math competition, and get the National Scholarship of China (the hardest one for a college student to get).

My ideal job would be of 70% coding and 30% cutting-edge academic research. I work more productively in doing jobs with a mix of both software development and theoretical research than doing just pure theoretical ones.

Collaboration and group discussion is a more efficient way for me than working alone.

I believe initiative-taking, a sense of ownership, forward-thinking, and communication are the most important aspects in approaching success in both one's career and personal life.

Research Interests

Decision-making and Planning

  • Motion planning of self-driving cars
  • Path planning of pick-and-place robots
  • Behavior planning of self-driving cars

System and Control Theory

  • State estimation and prediction
  • Linear system and control
  • Nonlinear system and control

Optimization and Machine Learning

  • Convex optimization
  • Non-convex optimization
  • Reinforcement learning and supervised learning in robotics

Big Data Technologies

  • Data storage: Hadoop Distributed File System
  • Data analytics: Apache Spark
  • Data Visualization: Matplotlib, Plotly